Dave & Kimberly Menzies

After making a decision to sell our property, we retained the services of Maureen Mackenzie. We do not live on the Island, and therefore in our absence we really needed someone to be extremely reliable and competent in every aspect of this sale process, Maureen has exceeded our expectations in this regard. After first meeting Maureen, we were very pleased with both her knowledge of the area both as a resident, and knowledge of the market area professionally. After listing the property Maureen has always kept us informed of any activity of the property including, for example, subtle communications of how many fliers have been taken. Her approach in this regard has been a refreshing pleasure as these updates have been just that, they have been updates void of any pressure to make any quick drastic changes. We have always felt that Maureen has been doing everything possible to make the sale, while at the same time truly listening to us, and responding to our needs as her client. I absolutely feel that she is working for us, and not just for the sale. I would highly recommend Maureen and would not hesitate to retain her again.