Brian & Alison Hoy



My husband and I were seriously admiring a listing of Maureen's for several months, until Maureen was asked by another realtor if she knew of any large homes in a specific area coming on the market.  She thought of us right away because she knew we wanted to sell in the Spring.  It was a bit earlier than planned, but we agreed to list our home and the house sold immediately which allowed us to buy our dream home we had been admiring.  Maureen is an awesome realtor who cares about her customers and always takes your call.  She really listens to her customers and wants to make people happy.  She is patient, very helpful and always keeps a positive outlook.  She helped us through the transition of a quick sale and made it very smooth.  She is an awesome interior designer which was a bonus for us, as she also helped us through renovations with her special eye for colors and styles as well as great contacts to do the work.  Thank you so much Maureen:))  We would absolutely recommend you 100%.